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50% and 5 free spins
Casumo mobile casino
Did you know that Casumo is now available on your computer, on your mobile and on your tablet?
The world's first casino adventure is available everywhere! Games should be thrilling, exciting and fun. But sometimes it can become too much.
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Magic Portals

Magic Portals opens up a whole new dimension filled with magic. Get your wizard hat and let's go!

Deposit & get golden

Believe your ears. Open an account now and we'll give you 50% with your first deposit and 5 free spins.

The world's first casino adventure

Here we play casino, not just because it's freakin funny but also because we collect trophies, levels and valuables. Free spins for example. That's joy

The following countries can not play at this casino:
China, France, French Republic, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Hong Kong, Italy, Martinique, Reunion, United States of America.

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